Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whole lotta crazy.

There's a lot of crazy going on in this family- and sometimes, in the middle of all the craziness, you just have to stop and laugh...

Like my husband- and the absolute badunkadunk he's got going on. He'd make Beyonce jealous, ya'll.

Or the weird ways you'll find us sleeping- because laying on your back to sleep is just SO yesterday.

Our hairstyles are always bound to be found on runways across the world.

And sticking things UP your nose is not allowed- but on it? Eh, well...

Cute is just a way of life (all together now- awwww! ;- ) )

And sometimes.. sometimes Mommy needs a little more comic relief during the day then TV can provide.. and thus, you get this:

Whatchu lookin at foo? I'm 2 years outta the pen, kickin it for real, yo.

*ROTFLMAO!!* I need professional help, but that's ok! We all do around here!

(and for an FYI< the hat and the look on her face were all HER. I can't take credit for those, although I'm sure the 'crazy' genetic plays a role in there somewhere. )

SMILE! Have a happy Thursday!

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